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Bol’s cycling roads – Poker of Queens!

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MEDITERRANEAN HEAVEN FOR CYCLOTOURISTS- we know it as one of the most beautiful and most successful destinations, where even in late summer beaches are packed – it is our tourist champion Bol. Now it has got a new dose of tourist attraction – great cycling roads!


These roads, named after characteristic Mediterranean therapeutic herbs, are real poker of queens, so we had to ensure them a title of main stars of our text. Which other trump Bol keeps up its sleeve – especially form tennis world, you will find out in the following lines!


ROADS WHOSE NAME SAYS IT ALL. While riding along Kadulja (Sage) road you can clearly smell this miraculous therapeutic plant. Therefore, this road is perfect for all those who want to feel the nature; and with its 55 km and 1400 m of ascent, it also presents a real challenge! It starts in Bol and ascends to Gornji Humac, rewarding its visitor all the way with a view of beautiful landscapes, autochthonous Brač’s places and small villages and hamlets.


It descends down to Selca and to the easternmost place on Brač – Sumartin, where it ascends again to Selca and Povlja, back to Bol on the same track.

A VIEW THAT REACHES ITALY will be your main reward for conquering beautiful Pinija (Pine) road! This 90,4 km long road with 2160 m of ascent that goes through the most beautiful landscapes is intended for those who like long MTB rides. It starts in Bol and goes to Murvica, all by the sea. It ascends in serpentines to Obršje, turns to Dračevica and descends to Sutivan by Vela gomila, through olive groves. It reaches Supetar through Mirca place, along wide macadam only a few metres from the sea; there it turns back to Mirca, but this time it turns south and ascends through Olive roads to Donji Humac. Through Nerežišća it goes up to Brač’s highest point – Vidova Gora where you can enjoy in beautiful view of Hvar, Šolta, Vis…all the way to Italy! It goes back to starting point in Bol along the coast, through Murvica and by Golden Cape beach.


You will ride ALONG THE ROADS OF BRAČ’S WINEMKERS if you dare to take Plavac Mali road! Combined, hilly, circular, 44 km long road starts from centre of Bol along the waking path and across Golden Cape beach, further to Murvica. It continues to west through vineyards of Plavac Mali to V.Farska. Then serpentines begin, leading to deserted hamlet Obršje. The road then turns east through pine wood and, just like Pinija road, it takes you to Vidova Gora peak with a beautiful viewpoint. Across  Vidova Gora plateau it leads to airport and descends down the state road back to Bol, where it ends.


Ružmarin (Rosemary) road is 19,8 km long with few ascends. It goes east form Bol centre to Dominican Monastery, and then you will ride on macadam to east, through olive groves and wine yards to the very end of the road. There is a U-turn that leads back to Bol, along the old roads in Murivca direction, and back along the walking path to Bol centre.

Mandy Minella vs. Polona Hercog Bol Open Final 2016 Photos: David Johansson

ELEGANT SPORT IN ELEGANT AMBIENCE. Bol strives to elegance in everything (just think of its visual identity and Golden Cape beach  which is one of the most memorable symbols of national tourism!) so it is not surprising that white sport – tennis, returned there! WTA 125K tournament will hopefully return Bol its former glory as one of the most attractive tennis destinations, and next year it will be held from 4 to 11 June. With young tennis hopes and abundance of additional activities like attractive hotel accommodation and numerous opportunities for enjoying in sun and the sea in peak season, Bol has all the chances to become Croatian Saint-Tropez!


VINSKA TRADICIJA KOJA TRAJE CIJELO STOLJEĆE. U samom centru Bola smjestila se vinarija Stina. Vinarija koja datira iz 1903 godine, kada je i osnovana vinska zadruga kako bi služila potrebama stanovnika Bola, slovi za jedan od najsuvremenije uređenih i opremljenih vinskih podruma u Hrvatskoj! Ako ste ljubitelj kvalitetne vinske kapljice, preporučamo kušanje nove marke vina – Stina – napravljene od autentičnih vrsta grožđa: Pošip, Vugava (bijela vina) i Plavac Mali (crno)!


A CENTURY LONG WINE TRADITION. At the very centre of Bol winery Stina is located. It dates back to 1903, when winery collective was established to serve the needs of Bol residents. It is known as one of the most modernly equipped wine cellars in Croatia! If you are a wine enthusiast we recommend tasting new wine  – Stina – made of authentic wine varieties – Pošip, Vugava (white wines) and Plavac Mali (red wine)!

BOL IS EQUALLY LIKED BY ALL. When Mrs Valentina Palajsa, an accountant from Karlovac Technical School, booked her accommodation in Elaphusa hotel, she didn’t even dream of being awarded as 100 000th visitor! With record-breaking 100 000 visitors in only one season, Bol really outdid itself. In October this was celebrated and special recognition awards were given – to mark the best season ever. Guest structure was also interesting – Germany, Scandinavian countries and France accounted for 83 000  – 86 000 overnight stays, followed by Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Great Britain! Therefore, we can conclude that this is universally likeable destination and what other to wish but -to keep up with good tourist achievements!



This post is also available in: Croatian