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The most beautiful cycling routes in Dalmatian Zagora!

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YES, SINJ AND CETINA REGION ARE THE LOCAL RELIGIOUS, CULTURAL AND GASTRO BRAND, and that is known to whoever attended the famous knight game Alka, the celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary in Vrlika, the feast of St Michael in Trilj, or whoever sat down to have lunch with our incredibly friendly hosts (do not even try to refuse the local  “arambaša“ and “uštipci” from Vrlika).

But, what you perhaps did not know is that this heroic, passion-hearted town and its surroundings, in early and mid-August, are often too small to receive all the travelers and wanderers, who want to experience its active side. Besides being a well-known zone for its carefully nurtured and developed religious and cultural identity, this very zone is becoming very interesting as a destination for active holidays.

If we caught your attention and you are also a two-wheeled adventure fan – keep on reading!


THEY HAVE AN ACE UP THEIR SLEEVE. ALWAYS.  It won’t be hard to understand that Sinj holds the ace, at the very first glance of the ambience which will be the background of your favorite activity. Lush flora and fauna, pastoral landscapes with an authentic dash of traditions and intriguing cultural and historical remains are what you can expect if you enter a cyclotouristic adventure in the city and its hinterland.

If you are a fan of the outdoors, we suggest the modernly equipped, equestrian-cycling trail Cetina – Sinj (454), which eastern tip follows the peaceful river Cetina from Han to the equestrian club Saint Mihovil in Trilj, and the western tip leads right through the middle of Sinj Field. On the other hand, if you are looking for an authentic piece of history, opt for a 25-kilometers-long cycling trail Aequum (452), or the 35-kilometers-long Hawk’s Trail (453). The first runs through the ancient bridges on Cetina, Turkish roads to old mills with gigantic stone boulders, and follows the outlines of the ancient Roman colony Čitluk, while the other one starts from the two-centuries-old bridge on Gorućica, and takes you towards the beautiful green oasis near the town.

For fans of beautiful landscapes, without much thought, we would recommend the Five Sources Route (454) and the delight of fresh, cold and clear side creeks of Cetina – Rumin, Kosinac, Ovrlja, Rude and Graba, as well as the trail Around Visoka (455), for which experts say it offers the best edition of the scenery in this part of Dalmatian hinterland. Anyone who dared to get to know it better, agrees with us in one thing – when it comes to cycling, Sinj really does have an ace up its sleeve!

TRILJ AND VRLIKA –  OASIS OF TRADITION. BUT ALSO OF SPORTS AND ADRENALINE. If you enjoy observing flora and fauna, as well as old traditional mills set in pure, untouched nature (some of which are still in function today!), your ideal cycling trails are located at about 11 km away from Trilj. Route 502 Mlinice will give you the best insight into these unique sets of traditional architecture.

Biciklizam - Trilj

We are particularly impressed by the Samardžić Mill on the river Grab, which, just like the Ćosić Mill, on the right bank of this river,represents an extremely valuable rural complex.  The oldest one, Uršić Mill, is located at one of its sources, and is a unique example of a mill adjustable to the height of water level, by using the mechanism of the mill wheel!

Biciklizam - Trilj

Other trails offer fascinating examples of old picturesque churches, traditional gravestones stećci with figurative depictions of warriors and horses, and the culture-lovers among cyclers will be specially excited about the trails 505 Brodarić and 507 Gaj Laberije. While the first, near Košuta and Brodarić settlements, passes by the Museum of Trilja rea, containing an extremely valuable ethnographic, archaeological and cultural-historical collection, the other boasts an abundance of interesting features: Tilurium, a Roman military camp with military dormitories, a cistern, remains of mosaics, the statue of Gaj Liberije and the bastion, followed by St Peter’s church at the very top of the Gardun site, also including a unique view of the town of Trilj and its surroundings.

Biciklizam - Trilj

If you are in a great cycling shape, do not miss the 36 kilometers-distant Vrlika! You may have heard about it thanks to the best traditional uštipci and the famous opera Ero s onoga svijeta, which has carried out the name of this region around the globe, but actually, this zone is an undiscovered realm for active holidays, that helps you get in touch with your wild side!

DalmatiaExplorer MTB01a

The cycling trails in Vrlika, named Cetina, Peruča and Golo brdo, connect by theme with all the important attractions in the area, and they offer the best of both worlds – a peaceful ride through the pleasant macadamas as well as the challenges of mountain biking along Dinara! The picturesque churches, archaeological excavations and mills, the emerald-blue source of Cetina River, the green Vrlika Field and the hidden pearl of Sinj hinterland – Peručko Lake, are part of the scenery for your unique, tailor made, cycling adventure.

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This post is also available in: Croatian