Unique and recognizable by its white stone, but numerous artists as well- writers, poets, painters and sculptors, who lived there and created some of their finest works, the island of Brač is a tourist mecca and one of the most beautiful islands in Dalmatia. Miljenko Smoje, one of the most famous Croatian journalists, writers and script writers used to live in Milna. Authentic narrow streets of this place and the lifestyle of small Dalmatian place inspired him to write one of the best scripts in Croatia – Malo misto (Little place) which was a basis for filming famous television series, popular and interesting even today.

But, that’s not all! Brač is world-famous for its glamorous Bol that attracts attention of tourists at any time of year, therefore in preseason as well, when visitors are offered with various possibilities for active vacation.

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Cycling mecca for recreationists

Whether you choose to spend your free time in walking across this beautiful island, driving a car or riding a bike, you can’t be wrong. Nevertheless, it is exactly the beauty of cycling on this island that has been recognized by cyclists from all over the world. Bol has become a cycling mecca of recreationists, but also for professionals as well, who will participate on exquisite sports-tourist event – cycling race of World cup XCM – Bluesun Epic Race.

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The race it will be held in Bol in 2019 and 2020. This respectable sports-tourist event will be organized in cooperation of Bol Municipality and Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County. It is TB Split-Dalmatia County that co-finances all cycling races on County’s area that have attracted tourists’ attention, so this form of tourism has become the fastest growing tourism branch and has also led to development of the entire destination.

Synergy of man and nature

If you are eco-friendly then our recommendation is to take part in action of underwater cleaning in spring, traditional Labor Day cross, surfing competition or some other sport-tourist events.

In June do not miss WTA Croatia Bol Open, ladies’ tennis tournament held in beautiful, picturesque Bol. Apart from top tennis, Croatia Bol Open positioned the place as a phenomenal lifestyle destination. Performances of international music stars are a guarantee for exquisite entertainment for visitors of tennis tournament and one more reason for coming to Bol.

If you want to take a walk in Bol’s surrounding, you will be breath-taken by magnificent vineyards. There a wine grape is grown of which wine is made in awarded Stina winery. Is there a better image than synergy of man and nature in that divine drop of – wine that caresses your palates? Stina wines will arouse all your senses and you will come back to Brač just to enjoy pošip, plavac mali , vugava or opol wine varieties. People on Brač are great wine lovers, and this is visible if you take a look at small stone houses off which almost every has a small wine cellar. Welcoming hosts will surely invite you for a glass of this intoxicating drink and tell you some of the island stories on the occasion.

Come to Bol. You are invited by its residents. Get familiar with place both picturesque and elegant in spring, because it is exactly during this season that you can experience it in all its fullness and soak up all the scents of nature and white stone.

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The paradise beach Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coastline and at the same time the most representative panorama of Bol. It was created by deposits of fine pebbles as sediment around the underwater reef, spreading as a small tongue as much as 500 metres into the sea. The very tip of Zlatni rat keeps changing its shape constantly due to the influence of winds, waves and sea currents, making it appear different and repeatedly interesting.

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This location is a protected natural area and a favourite spot for surfers and kite-surfers from around the globe. Zlatni rat beach is only 2 km from Bol. You can reach the beach either by car or by a 20-minute walk along the sea. During the summer months, every half an hour there is a small tourist train going to the beach, as well as tourist boats that take off from the port of Bol.

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Zlatni rat is the beach situated to the west of Bol. That geomorphologic natural monument is one of the biggest and most beautiful Adriatic natural attractions. This promontory is extended for 400 metres into the sea and is a result of accumulation of small stones from Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. Zlatni rat’s tip continuously changes its form depending on waves and streams. The whole picture is framed with small beaches and surrounding pine wood as well as the very clear sea.

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At the end, we are taking you back to Zlatni rat – the legend says that on this 600-meter-long sandy beach, there is a lucky stone, in form of a snail’s shell. Whoever finds it – great happiness awaits him or her! So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey, as you never know where you will encounter a spark of good fortune.


Bol i Milanović

Delegation of Bol with Prime Minister Zoran Milanović

Within the event “DAYS OF TOURISM 2014”, Bol won a flattering award – the best small destination on the Adriatic.

Bol won this prize in close selection with Brela and Vis, as a part of the 18th “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia 2014” campaign held by CCC (Croatian Chamber of Commerce).
The award was accepted by the Mayor of the Municipality of Bol, Tihomir Marinković.


This recognition rounded off the successful season of this municipality, which in comparison to 2013 brought outstanding results. Namely, in the first 8 months of 2014, the number of tourist arrivals grew by 11%, while the number of overnight stays compared to 2013 increased by 5%. The best results in the whole history of Bol were registered already in 2013, and this year these results are even surpassed!

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The increased number of local visitors

In addition to Austrian, German, Scandinavian, Slovenian and Italian tourists who have visited Bol the most, a positive trend has not bypassed local visitors as well, whose number was this year slightly higher than in 2013. Bol is also positioning itself as a family destination that masterfully combines a well known individual approach and constant strengthening and expansion of its offerings.

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Bol – a place of exquisite beauty

One of the most visited and most successful Croatian destinations emerged in recent decades as an absolute mecca for tourists and a place that in its essence sums up virtually all of the beauty of Dalmatia. Few locations boast such harmony of architecture, nature and numerous beaches that are so beautiful that the first impression on them is are they for real.

New visual identity of Bol

The return of tennis to Bol


After a lengthy 15-year break, from May to September 2015, Bol on the island of Brač – the world-famous tourist resort, will organize the ITF Futures tournaments – Bluesun Cro Circuit for both male and female young tennis players, sponsored by Croatian President Ivo Josipović!

Bol video
Check out the new promotional video – Bol – symbol of the Adriatic!

Virtual Bol

Take a look of Bol through virtual tours







The best sports story of the tourist season – Bol’s ITF Futures tournaments!

All ultimate heroes of the white sport began their thorny path at Futures tournaments! Novak Đoković, Rafael Nadal, Croatia’s Marin Čilić and many other kings of this noble sport began their path to success precisely at tournaments of this category. And after a rather lengthy 15-year break, from May to September 2015, Bol on the island of Brač – the world-famous tourist resort, will organize the ITF Futures tournaments – Bluesun Cro Circuit for both male and female young tennis players, sponsored by Croatian President Ivo Josipović!


Croatia once again becomes an attractive tennis destination, which represents immeasurable importance and contribution to the extension of the tourist season, and an addition to the value of Croatian sports offerings.

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According to the head of the Tourist Board of Bol Markito Marinković, Bol successfully connected two top-notch contents that have always been its trademark. In order to attract an event of such caliber, a small town on an island could only be a place of exceptional tourist potential and recognizable brand.

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Therefore, he is extremely pleased with the fact that the potential of the site was timely recognized by the organizers, given that high-quality tennis courts and associated recreational facilities are located only 5 minutes from the hotel room.

This is a great promotion of Bol as a desirable sports destination – in a very short time period, contestants from over 60 countries from Brazil to Australia, achieved 10,000 overnight stays. The Tourist Board of Bol will continue to provide full support to the organizers.

Bluesun Cro Circuit

The organizer Felix Lukas and Tennis Club Kaštela

The organizer of this tournament is young Felix Lukas from Kaštela along with the city’s tennis club. Lukas, who has extensive experience in organizing such tournaments around the world, pointed out for Croatian Hotspots portal that he has chosen Bol for this tournament because it offers all of the existing infrastructure, i.e. objects that were used for previous tournaments.

The rich tourism potential of Bol as a destination and its incredibly beautiful environment thus perfectly fit into the concept of the tournament, as evidenced by the number of overnight stays, increasing out-board consumption in the pre-season.


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The organizer Felix Lukas delivers trophies to the winners.

Tournaments are also held during the early and late season when the weather conditions are ideal, they attract guests, foreign investors, and competitors are happy to extend their stay. One of the famous visitors of this tournament is our well-known tennis player Ivan Dodig, who also gave support to the organization.

Feliks Lukas
Organizers with Ivan Dodig

He added that more than 20 tournaments will be organized till the end of September, making a total of 5% of the world tournaments in this category. Tourist destination development strategy in off season focused on white sport guarantees inevitable success – tennis is back in Bol!



In addition to these innovations, this year as well Bol achieved growth rates which definitely confirm its status of a strong tourist destination that reflects the strategy of its development, continuously working to improve the offer.

The results speak best for themselves:

In August, Bol achieved 170,444 overnight stays, or 26,117 arrivals, which is 8% more than in August 2013 (157,052 overnight stays).

In the first 8 months Bol achieved 431,385 overnight stays, or 69,265 arrivals which is almost 5% more than the same period in 2013 (411,837 overnight stays).

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Even the “white sport” could not resist natural beauty of Bol

Do you fancy playing tennis this afternoon?

If you are a fan of this sophisticated sport, you should know that playing tennis and refreshing yourself in Zlatni Rat afterwards is the most valuable gift you can treat yourself with in this off-season. At your disposal there are high quality tennis courts, tennis equipment, friendly staff and top tennis schools. Later on, you can always refresh yourself at one of the paradisiacal beaches or wander under the starry vault of warm autumn sky in one of the excellent restaurants in Bol with spectacular views of the open sea.

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Tennis center “Potočine” in Bol had 12 tennis courts in 1984. Today, this is an excellent tennis center with over 20 red clay surface tennis courts surrounded by pine trees. The central position is the center court stadium where many exciting finals took place. For precisely tennis tournaments made Bol famous!


In addition to new visual identity of the destination created this year, Bol can boast of new superb videos, recorded for promotional purposes.

Bol video

Check out the new promotional video – Bol – symbol of the Adriatic

Bol – primeval beauty of the central Adriatic

One of the most visited and most successful Croatian destinations profiled in recent decades as an absolute mecca for tourists and a place which in its essence sums up virtually all the beauty of Dalmatia. Few locations boast such harmony of architecture, nature and numerous beaches that are so beautiful that the first impression about them is are they real or not!


Bol has many beautiful secluded beaches that are sometimes unfairly overlooked in favor of Zlatni Rat. The best thing is that they are all located only a few minutes from the town center. But Bol has a rich historical and cultural heritage as well, that best reveals itself to the visitor in off season, when one doesn’t have to seek shelter from the heat under the cloak of Zlatni Rat, but is able to explore all the treasures of this island.


Bol – an unusual name for a destinaton, and an interesting paradox. Bol really hurts but when, and only when after the visit, you must leave. But separation doesn’t have to be permanent…

We are waiting for you in Bol!

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Bol surfing


August 25- 31, 2014.

The Upcoming European Slalom Championship event is organised by Zoo Station Bol in co-operation with the JK Podstrana and Croatian Windsurfing Association.


About Events

The first event organized by Zoo Station was back in 1999, that was slalom on classic 8 but 1 vs 1 concept. The event was a great success and was very attractive for watching because you have only 2 riders facing each other on the course area and spectators could be part of the action without questioning “what is going on?” In the end the event was really great but for that kind of event you need a great wind to accomplish a successful day with 40 competitors.


The Idea

Basically organizator wants that Zoo Station center becomes a spot on the map of slalom competitions.

Their best choice was to host an IFCA event because the venue is great and so are the conditions, also with such an event we would like to take a step ahead from national events.

On previous events we already had some top riders such as Pierre Mortefon, Finian Maynard, Chris Pressler, Tine Slabe and many more  . . .
So the idea was let’s try with a continental level and maybe a worlds in the near future.



Is to have a recognizable event that both competitors and visitors enjoy visiting.

We wish to get a nice feed back from people after their departure with a smile while thinking about the event. We believe that such expressions are the key points of this great sport we all share.


We look forward to some nice windy days and big battles on the race course during the competition days, including some nice relaxing time on the shore with good music and cold drinks.

5.You’re invited because:

You should come and see a great windsurfing destination with breathtaking views, come and be part of  it and of course show us your skills.

Bol zlatni rat


Information:Boris Hojski, mob. 098/1808741
Toni Bulić, mob. 098/379590

Virtual Bol

Bol virtual walk


Photo: Bol tourist board